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 Forget about costly retreats, esoteric gurus, or "enlightenment books"...

What if there's an easy-to-follow and proven roadmap that will help you attain 'awakening' or spiritual enlightenment?
What if you can remove the guesswork - and instead know the exact tools you need to build a more peaceful, calmer and a more positive inner life? 
What if there's a way to experience higher levels and mystical states of consciousness - one that isn’t based on any dogma, religion or philosophy? 

Are you a seeker on a quest to find the path towards lasting peace, happiness and enlightenment? 

And I’m not just talking about the fleeting kind of bliss that you feel when you’re in a retreat…
Or the sense of calm that lasts just as long as your meditation session …


Minutes after you step out of a retreat or a meditation session, the chaos in your thoughts also resumes to its usual programming. 
The voices in your head start to cast doubt, anxiety and all sorts of negative emotions telling you all sorts of narratives like…

… You have a million different things you need to worry about. 
…Your social circle probably doesn't like you.
….You’re not beautiful enough. 
…Or that you simply aren’t good enough to exist. 

Day in and day out, we battle with these voices in our heads. 

But what if there’s a better way to live our lives?

…. A way that liberates us from the limbo of the voices in our heads that constantly tells us that something isn’t right.

…. A way where each moment feels perfectly okay, regardless of what's going on with your personal life. 

… A way where you get to be more present in the moment, instead of dwelling in your past or worrying about a future that hasn't existed yet. 

… A way that replaces that longing to fill that "God-filled" hole or emptiness, with contentment and peace. 

Believe me, there is a path to attain this level of awakening that brings lasting peace and contentment in your life. 

In fact, you may be surprised that the existence of this enlightened state of consciousness was actually discovered by an actual scientist in the name of Dr. Abraham Marlow. 

The Answer to Humanity's Never-ending Cycle of Discontentment and Wanting
Dr. Maslow's Theory.PNG

According to him, the highest state of wellbeing a person can attain is self-actualization. 
He defined it as " to become actualized in what you are potentially". 


To some extent, you can say you've reached or at least close to reaching that point of self-actualization. 

You may have a fulfilling career, a beautiful family, a big house...basically everything you've ever wanted. 

But it turns out we humans are always doomed to always want more. 
We're never satisfied so we do our best to "scratch the itch".

The pursuit of self-actualization is simply a never-ending cycle of trying to fill an unquenchable desire to achieve more in life. 


And Dr. Maslow realized that. 

Before his death in 1970, Dr. Maslow made one final change to his theory.

His final modification was the idea of "self-transcendence", the ability to transcend the limitations beyond your individual self (ego) and relating to things greater than yourself. 

By focusing outward, on things larger than you (such as nature, humanity, divine power etc.), you get to...​

You may have heard of Dr. Maslow's theory on the hierarchy of needs. 

Experience life in a more positive, more fulfilled and more peaceful way. 

This is what awakening is all about. 

It's about having the power to silence the self-chatter in your head. It’s that voice that brings chaos in your disposition by making you worry about the lowly concerns of day-to-day life. 

It's about transcending beyond your mundane personal concerns. And seeing things from a higher perspective.

Essentially, when your daily existence no longer revolves around you and listening to those inner voices, and instead accept your tininess in the grander scheme of things... 

Peace and serenity starts to replace the default human condition of fundamental discontentment. 

You feel whole. You feel an utter sense of deep contentment. Like there wasn't any God-filled hole or emptiness that most other humans try to distract themselves from. 
And the best part?


This "awakened state" is attainable by any Seeker who yearns for a peaceful existence. 

It’s possible to transition from living an ordinary life that is bonded to discontent...To a more enlightened way of living characterized by a fundamental sense of "okayness".

And contrary to popular belief, you don't need to spend hundreds of thousands on retreats.

You also don't need to dedicate a lifetime to become a monk in the Himalayas. Or follow some esoteric guru whose name you can't pronounce. 

The truth is, there's a combination of meditation techniques, breathwork exercises, and positive psychology principles that will help you get to a persistent state of awakening...

allowing you to enjoy a more peaceful and calmer life wherever and whatever it is you're doing. 

This is exactly what we teach inside...


The Mini Satori Course:
A Non-Esoteric, Sectarian Roadmap to Get to The Awakened State

This 6-week course is designed as a "spiritual kindergarten" that will help and hold you by the hand so you can  experience persistent levels of awakening. 

It’s built to arm you  with a complete set of tools so you can live a more positive, more peaceful  and an astonishingly happier way of living than most average people who are non-seekers. 

And unlike other approaches to get to the enlightened state, the Mini Satori Course follows a real-life, practical approach. 

Our approach isn't built around any religion. Nor does it involve any esoteric or outrageous rituals. 

Everything we teach - including all the meditation/breathwork techniques and positive psychology exercises - are ALL done online. 

We've designed the program to make the experience of transitioning towards awakening as easy and as accessible to as many seekers as possible.

We get it. Life can sometimes get in the way of our spiritual quest.  And this is exactly why we've built this course. We understand that you just can't leave your job and your family willy nilly, to go meditate in the Himalayas! 

About the Trainers

Edi Matsumoto 

Edi was a volunteer at Mother Theresa’s Home for the Dying Destitutes in Calcutta, India. She’s also  a frequent traveller, a painter, a healthcare practitioner and a wellness coach. She now spends most of her time teaching methods to reach awakening to her Japanese and American students. 


Rebekah McKinney Reese

Rebekah's ‘superpower’ is seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. Simply seeing things as they are without labeling, analyzing, or judging. Equanimity and Peace come from seeing things from this perspective.


Stefan Kostka

After suffering from debilitating chronic back pain and depression for a few years, he discovered the Buteyko breathing method and Finder's course and he is happy to share how he overcame his pain and discovered mental stability and wellbeing. 

Inside the Mini Satori course, you'll be able to:
  • Learn and practice the best methods, techniques and exercises on meditation, breathwork and positive psychology I've used to help Japanese seekers transition to a persistent state of "awakening" or "fundamental enlightenment" AKA satori in Japan. 

  • Uncover the myths that’s holding you back from achieving satori or “awakening”. 

  • Discover a proven roadmap (that isn't based on any religion or dogma) to build a more peaceful, calmer and happier inner life.

  • Reduce anxiety and stress by having the power to lessen if not completely silence the inner-chatter or the voices in your head that’s causing all the fundamental discontentment and unhappiness in your life.

  • Develop the ability to create genuine states of "fundamental okayness" - that feeling where everything is perfectly okay and things are unfolding in the universe exactly as they should. 

  • Live a generally more positive, more contented, and more peaceful life while the rest of humanity are caught up in the mundane hustle and bustle of modern life. 

 Your calling to take the "enlightened path" is here.

If you're ready to experience awakening and transform the way you live your life, here's exactly what you'll get if you join now: 

  • 6 intimate and exclusive Zoom sessions where you'll learn the exact methods and tools to get to an awakened state.

  • A supportive and engaging community of like-minded seekers who are happy to lend you a hand or cheer you on in your spiritual journey towards lasting peace and happiness. 

  • Access to your satori coaches so you can ask questions and get unstuck with the challenge you're facing in the course. 

   Some people choose to be stuck in a life of discontent. 
      Others choose to take the enlightened path. 

Most people spend their lives hustling to achieve more in their lives.

A better job. A bigger house. A fatter bank account. etc.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. 


But, it’s also worth noting that none of these things can totally make us whole. Or at peace with our own mortal existence. 


Achieving and gaining material wealth, fame or any form of success only leads to an endless state of yearning for more. 


Everyday, no matter what your situation is in terms of finances, relationships or career-wise, your mind is wired to be in a constant state of limbo. 


There’s always a storm raging in your head. 


Various voices are always trying to “shout” at you. The mind is simply bombarded constantly with  thoughts  about problems, insecurities, worries, fears, emptiness etc. 


And that’s all a part of living an ego-centric existence. A way of life where everything is all about “the self”.

But you know there’s a better way to live. That’s exactly what the Mini Satori Course is all about. 


Basically, it’s a course that teaches you how to “cancel” or lessen the loudness of the inner-chatter in your head.

By leveraging the power of methods like meditation, breathwork and positive psychology, you can forge your path towards awakening. 


It’s your ticket to a better way of living.

One that is more peaceful. More calmer. More positive. And happier.

Most importantly, these heightened states of wellbeing aren’t fleeting. They’re a way of life that you get to experience every day, regardless of what’s happening in your personal life. 


So are you ready to transform the way you live your life?


Let’s take this journey together. 



I am more present. The level of happiness has increased, and I am more resilient against day-to-day stress. The chatter in my head has decreased dramatically


The best part was that I was able to connect with persistently happy people.


I realized that I had been creating the drama myself when I was going through tough times, and that realization made me laugh. I was oversensitive about how I looked in society. Knowing that I was causing my own stress, I was not able to stop it. Now that I gave it up and the level of stress has reduced significantly. Because the voice in my head has decreased dramatically, I am a better listener now, and I have a much better relationship with my family


I can observe the world more objectively, and I feel happier and calmer. I recommend this course to others who want to expand consciousness and increase equanimity.


I was in a rough place when I started the course, but as soon as we began, my attitude has shifted, and I could handle stress much better.  It is as if I have a door that separates me and the source of stress


My relationship with my elderly mother has improved significantly. We used to argue about minor issues, but now we can respect and appreciate each other, and things have improved a lot.

When you join the Mini Satori Course today, you’ll also get the chance to grab the Gold option of the program... 
Standard Package

✔️Instant Access to all the
Satori instruction videos

Gold Package

✔️Instant Access to all the
Satori instruction videos
✔️1-on-1 session with  ---- on Hinduism
✔️1-on1 session with  ---- on breathwork techniques
✔️1-on-1 session with  ---- on 


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